Two weeks from diagnosis

Blaze has been doing better on steroids and chemotherapy, but is still a shadow of the dog he used to be. He lacks energy, he tires 3/4 of the way around the block, and even the slightest of inclines feels like a huge obstacle. He is beginning to lose his appetite again just as his digestive system is starting to encounter problems, and his weight hasn’t increased by more than a pound or two.

Nobody knows how long he has. On steroids alone, he would last a few weeks. On chemotherapy, possibly a few months. We never really get an answer when we ask, probably because every dog is so different from another. Its hard to live day by day, seeing how he is and trying to brace yourself for an unknown moment in time. But that’s all Blaze or any of us have – just this moment. Living in the now has never been more vital to us.

This all happened so fast.

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