Our dog Blaze has always had a sensitive stomach. It seems collies are sensitive in every way – their skin, their reactions to drugs, their digestive systems, and most of all in their temperament. Poor Blaze has always had trouble with finding and sticking to a food that didn’t cause issues. Sadly, on cancer treatment and with his GI tract affected, it is taking a turn for the worse.

Blaze never has accidents. If he does, its our fault for not taking him out when we should have seen the signs in his behaviour. During his chemo pill run of four days, Blaze would take a nap and wake up after urinating himself. He needed to go outside every hour, and be woken up in order to do it, or he (and the floor) would need another cleanup. This morning, after the pills were done, our couch was a casualty.

Lymphoma is a nasty disease in dogs. We know things can deteriorate hard and fast. We’re blessed to have time with our dog, but its hard to see him confused and worried. And that’s what he does, when he senses how we feel during all of this. After all, he’s a sensitive boy.

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