The bad news.

We knew it would happen someday, but we had always wanted to believe we had more time. It was part of the deal when we took Blaze, our beautiful older collie, into our lives. We were his retirement home, and someday that meant having to say goodbye.  Unfortunately that time is almost upon us.

Two days ago Blaze was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma. Without medication he would have only weeks to live. With, his chances increase to possibly 5-6 months. However with lymphoma, a dog can take a turn for the worse and be gone within hours. Blaze has his liver, spleen, and GI tract affected, and that makes the prognosis even worse. While we wait on learning what his test results reveal, Blaze has begun his first round of medication… on top of everything he must stomach at home.

I’ll be blogging his journey, and ours, here.


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