Just Mauied

We recently went to Hawaii for one of those big moments in life… getting married. Unlike most of the weddings we had been invited to, our big moment was decidedly small and intimate. As in, less than a dozen people small (including the musician, photographers and officiant). It was a wonderful day with three family members, two good friends and a gorgeous setting. What made the occasion truly memorable was that it took place in one of our favourite places, the Four Seasons in Maui. They took care of everything with one of their wedding packages, so we didn’t have to worry about the photographs, the license application, etc etc. It was  completely stress-free (aside from how in the world I’d stagger down the aisle in my 4 inch heels).

The ceremony itself was one day out of a blissful ten in Hawaii. Many of the people in our hotel chose to spend their days lounging near the pool while sipping cocktails. Not so for us! It was a tricky thing to not get sunburned, bruised or battered while boogie boarding, paddle boarding and snorkeling. In the end, there were more than a few sunburns on the big day. If I had one nobody could tell… that makeup was waterproof, bulletproof, and could possibly survive a solar flare at close range. It was gorgeous and NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos, but here’s one by the talented Anna Kim:


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