An unexpected visitor

Lately, my oldest cat Meelo has taken to escaping the house whenever possible. I haven’t been as militant about keeping her inside as I have been with the boys, because Meelo is a good deal smarter. Today is evidence that I might need to rethink that conclusion.

While I was roasting vegetables and doing dishes this afternoon, I happened to glance up and notice the dog doing his business in the back yard. This wouldn’t be an issue were it not for the fact that OUR dog was at work with Jelmer. An entirely different dog was nosing around, peeing in the backyard and generally making itself at home.


I step outside and the dog glances back at me as its about to exit down the driveway. I call it over, alarmed because well… this is a loose dog! What if it’s lost? And it most certainly isn’t safe (or legal) to have a dog roaming about.  Suppose it got hit or caused an accident? Not good for anyone and especially not for the lab. After offering it some water I found Blaze’s old slip lead and decided the dog would probably be able to lead me to its home, and I would make sure that it stayed on the sidewalk rather than the alternative. So off we went, and as we left the driveway I heard the telltale jingle of… Meelo’s collar.

So THAT’S why I had a visitor.

We strolled up the cul-de-sac, straight to the house of two neighbours I had not met who were busy doing renovations. They were very nice, but apparently this was not their dog either. They’d never seen him. Oh great. He was taking me for a stroll. I thanked them, and started back to the main road. Within a few minutes my new little friend had led/yanked me to his house, and I took the lead off.

I wonder what would have happened if I had not led him home? There were plenty of cars going by. The dog didn’t even have a tag on his collar, so I had no way to contact his owners. If something had indeed happened to the pooch, how could anyone tell the owners their dog was not okay? Just reeks of irresponsibility. Not only that, its a $250 fine not to have a dog license, and a further $250 for a loose dog not on a lead.

In other news, Meelo is grounded.

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4 Responses to An unexpected visitor

  1. But Meelo saved the doggy! she thought you might like to add more to the family? 😉

  2. Lol! This is Meelo we’re talking about /snicker.

    Still contemplating if I should knock on the neighbours door and let them know their dog was at my place with no tags. Maybe an anonymous note.

    • Laura Wasylsyhen says:

      Great story. I would tell them just in case the lab would try to hurt Meelo in the potential “next time”… and/or so they know. If it happened to my dog – I’d want to know and to thank the person who was dog-smart enough to bring my dog back.

  3. Well, I have seen these people let their dogs have full roam of the area… I’ve seen one come out and stand on the sidewalk glaring me and Blaze down. I might drop off the note as I have no idea what kind of people I am dealing with.

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