Fundraising – Drag Dad, Vamp U & Marian Call

Tis the season for more fundraising! I’m not asking my readers to back these projects. I just want to share them, because in all honesty I LOVE sharing talent or things that I find cool & deserving of attention.

Drag Dad
This film is very important to me. I mistakenly clicked the trailer first, which I think was actually a good thing. Its upbeat and gets right to the point.

The fundraiser itself is located here:

Vamp U
This is actually a completed film, has won several awards, and the entire trailer is nothing short of hilarious. They are currently looking to finesse the product. As far as independent projects go, its hard to find anything this polished on any of the fundraiser sites. And the rewards are pretty stellar. I personally can’t wait to have my name immortalised in song as a sexy vampress. It will be my theme song when I enter a room. Screw wedding marches, this will be IT. I’ll even have it played at my funeral. Seriously. People will have stakes on standby.

Marian Call European Adventure Quest
Last but absolutely not least, a lady who is doing spectacularly well in the fundraising department but who I would like to publicise simply for the fact that she is incredible and it is a crime more people do not know about her. This my friends, is the musician Marian Call. If you can’t be bothered to listen to her spiel, skip ahead to 1:35 and listen to her SING. And play with her star wars toys. Its ridiculously brilliant. And then of course, listen to her talk. Because that’s kind of important too. Or just read the damn page, all located here:

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