SDCC day 2

Friday was destined to be the best of my Comic Con days. It started off normally enough, with me squatting at the front of the line for my 10am class, two hours before it commenced. Every day my linemates were as different as they could possibly be from each other, and today was no different. The only thing we had in common was a strange sense of camaraderie, and a feeling of wonder that everyone at the con was so NICE. Surprisingly enough, most of the people I met were at SDCC for the very first or second time. We had all heard the criticisms about how the convention had grown beyond anything enjoyable, but as people experiencing it all for the first time we strongly disagreed. Yes it was crowded, but there was so much to see you ended up looking past the mass of people and slugged through anyway. Everyone was in a good mood and everyone had been waiting months to be here.

Drake’s class went swiftly, as all entertaining things do, and before long I found myself heading to the exhibition hall where I tended to spend most of my afternoons. I knew Doug Jones would be at the Gentle Giant booth and since we had spoken a few times online, I thought I might finally say hello in the flesh to The Nicest Man on the Planet.

He seriously is exactly that.

As I didn’t want to interrupt any of his fan conversations I made sure to toddle off and meet up with the other half in the artist’s alley. This area of the convention was far easier to navigate, with only a few lines to meet certain artists and creators. One of the larger lines was for J. Scott Campbell, an artist who rose to fame with the Image title Gen13. Among the wave of Image artists that enjoyed massive popularity in the 90’s, his was the art I most admired, and primarily because it resembled my absolute favourite comic artist’s work from the 80’s.

And guess who was in the booth directly behind him?

That very artist, Arthur Adams.

I just about flipped. This was the man who brought Longshot to fame in the mid 80’s with the iconic miniseries. This was the man who drew the X-Men with grace and stunning detail. When my eleven year old self tried to draw superheroes, it was this guy’s books in front of me. We chatted for a few minutes before I purchased a copy of his book and mentally squeed halfway across the hall.

And that was when I found Bobby Chiu, coincidentally selling my favourite piece of his. The original.

What kind of amazing Comic Con deity blessed this day??

I think we attended an ILM art panel at some point after that (which I recall was very awesome), but by then I was definitely floating in a different realm. I am fairly certain that everyone who spoke to me that day thinks I’m a blithering idiot.

Hall H? Whatever.

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