SDCC Day 3

Saturday is famed for being the climax of Comic Con. The Masquerade, the incredible Hall H panels and footage, all the best costumes … it is all reputed to be on this day of days.

Sadly most of it required lining up. In the case of Hall H, the line had begun the night before. I’m too old and practical to be that fanatic about anything …. well, unless you’re handing out functioning Iron Man suits.

Maxwell Alexander Drake led the morning class on a two hour exploration in how to craft fight scenes. I’m not huge on action, but the story I’m writing has its fair share so I found the class extremely useful (just like all his others). Jelmer was in his own panel that morning and we met up on the floor afterwards. The crowd… it was epic.

Saturday was Jelmer’s Best Day Ever for various reasons, and in the end he did get a DougHug! I’m so thrilled he got to meet him too. Jelmer and I have huge crushes on this wonderful, wonderful man. Mr. Jones just makes you want to be a better person yourself.

For lunch we feasted on… yucky stuff. But it was surprisingly delicious yucky stuff. I need a certain amount of junk in my system, and I’m sure Comic Con has filled my allotment for the year. People were lining the walls trying to find an empty spot where they could feast on their garbage and not be stepped on. I proceeded to update twitter with our plans to see Kevin Smith that evening, then chowed down.

The artist’s alleys were located along the perimeters of the hall and we once again took to exploring them. I stumbled across some really cool art by Brett Bean, who was very gracious and drew something for me when I purchased his book. Here are a few snapshots, you can always check out more at his blog:

Later that evening we went to the House of Blues to watch Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman do their Babble On show. Now, this is the first time I’ve ever seen Kevin Smith live, and I had no idea what to expect. I knew they often called people out in the audience, so I made sure my phone was on vibrate and stuffed it in my purse.

Wouldn’t you know it, the mutinous thing buzzed immediately! Cursing mentally, I shrugged it off as the venue was noisy enough to disguise it, and within moments Smith and Garman took the stage.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone perform that much oral sex on a microphone. Hats off to Kevin on that one. Garman was asked to help an audience member convince his wife to be more adventurous in bed, so he did a hilarious imitation of Arnold singing “Edelweiss”. Only it was “Analvice”. Follow Kevin on twitter to see links to the recording of the show, and if you see me on the audience camera, I really don’t want to know.

1am rolled around and we were on our way home. I was yawning constantly and after three days of SDCC, I was pretty much done.

I pulled out my iPhone, wondering who had messaged me at midnight just before the show started. The following message glared out at me:  “KevinSmith (@ThatKevinSmith) favorited one of your Tweets!”

… That fanatic stuff I said I was too old for? I take it back.

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2 Responses to SDCC Day 3

  1. thanks for the shout out! Wish I could’ve gotten away for Kevin, always fun to listen to him.

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