SDCC Day 1 (part 2)

Still Thursday, and still so much to do. We had a presentation with Neville Page to get to at 4pm, which meant that we had better get there early. Unfortunately there was already a panel going on in the room, and it sounded very… sprightly.

It was Viz media, and we were informed that if we wanted a seat in the next class, we should go in now. I weakly protested that we might be disrupting, but the volunteers insisted it was the best course of action. So in I went, to watch trailers about animals that transformed into attractive prepubescent boys and made their chosen nondescript female owner the subject of much envy.

There was also something about a species that was half dog, half edamame bean.

Er… what?

Thank god Neville took the next hour with tales of designing enormous man-eating alien creatures.

We had to get ourselves to the Balboa Theatre rather quickly considering W00tstock was on soon, so after chatting to a fellow creature design enthusiast we set off. On the way we saw more street festivities, like these stilt dancers.


Now, W00tstock was an unknown element to both of us. I knew there had been some hilarious musical numbers in previous performances, but this was to be five hours. How were they going to fill all that and still entertain their audience?

I still don’t know how they did it, but they succeeded. Adam Savage, Wil Wheaton, Paul and Storm, Marian Call, The Doubleclicks, Bonnie Burton and more hit the stage with tales of googley eyes on dogturds, seamen and musical cats.

Seriously, you have to see the musical cat.

Here is Paul and Storm’s musical message to George Lucas, please excuse my shakiness while I try desperately not to laugh.

Bonnie Burton and Anne Wheaton took to the stage showing us all how the world could be made a better place. By the judicious application of googley eyes to anything and everything … including Bonnie’s chest. The Doubleclicks then entertained us all with songs about romance and Dungeons & Dragons. They proceeded to sing happy birthday to Bonnie, who had lost one of her enormous booblyeyes and went cyclops for the occasion.

Finally the extraordinarily talented Marian Call hit the stage and demonstrated why some of us will never be rock stars. This isn’t the performance, but it is the song in question.

Five hours of wine, comedy and music with our fellow nerds had sealed the deal. W00tstock, we will definitely be back.

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