SDCC Day 1 (part 1)

Day one of Comic Con began early. Not as early as it had for some, who had been lining up for the Twilight panel in Hall H for several days. No, for me, early meant being up at 6am,  then being at the convention centre for 8 o’clock in order to line up for a class that started at 10. Thank goodness my fellow linemates were friendly.

Comic Con impressed me with the diversity of its programming. It literally had something for everyone, provided it was entertainment you were interested in. To that effect I had chosen to attend most of the classes being run by Maxwell Alexander Drake, an accomplished author who is also now branching out into comics. And you really, really should check out his comic. Not only is it being written by him, but also being illustrated by a Magic the Gathering artist.

The class was so popular, they turned away a few hundred people. That more or less sealed my fate as far as early starts. It seemed that for the rest of the con, I would be doomed to continue arriving early at room 2. Not that I am complaining. That would be Jelmer, who unfortunately has a fiancee who cannot get ready quietly to save her life.

Noon came around and the number of attendees had increased significantly from the night before, but once Jelmer joined me we did end up gravitating to the Weta booth. Along with everyone else who liked life size trolls. Volunteers were forced to start directing traffic and yelled at people to move along while they tried to get a shot of being stomped by an enormous foot.

At one point during the day I was shoved aside by a dozen large men in black suits, only to have Tim Burton giggle his way past me to the Frankenweenie booth. Comic Con… it is surreal.

Speaking of surreal, tons of cosplay photos at the facebook album. Its public, unlike most of my facebook, so have at it :

I should note that I’ve made it a bit of a goal to share as much as I can about artists whose work I’ve discovered while at the convention, and in this particular case I have to thank a good friend for asking me to hunt down Pascal Campion’s booth and snag some prints from him. Campion’s art is like taking a holiday with your eyes – its happy, hopeful, and full of colour. I didn’t get these particular prints, but I think they are excellent examples of his work. Check out

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