Doggy Day 1

Blaze has been fantastic. If I could pick a phrase to describe him, it would be ‘gentle giant’. We picked him up from the airport yesterday and met his owner, who told us that his photos did not do him justice. He was right. The moment we saw him in his crate we were stunned at how gorgeous this guy was, with his fresh groomed coat and regal look. And then, he needed to go potty.

Blaze has a fantastic personality, and so far he has not made any sort of aggressive advances to the cats. In fact, he has wanted to make friends, and the only time his tail wags is when he is socialising with Raffy. Raffy doesn’t know quite what to make of this new shaggy intruder, and growls rather often. Meelo’s rather hopeless right now and feels truly threatened, but every time I call him away he leaves his inquisitive nosing to come over. He’s a perfect gentleman – never barks, he doesn’t really drool, he’s gentle with the cats and he is perfectly content to sit in his crate all night. Dogs barking at him on the street only elicit an inquisitive glance, wondering what their problem is. We definitely picked a winner. Of course, we will be doing some obedience classes for everyone’s sake, just to get the hang of lead walking and a few basic commands. This is probably more for the humans’ sake than anything else, as we’re first time dog owners! I do of course, want him to bark maybe just once… I’d love to know what his voice sounds like!

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2 Responses to Doggy Day 1

  1. Alexia Tryfon says:

    wonderful to hear he is the perfect fit. I am so happy for you honey! Also thank you for letting me know that this is the best bread for our cats.

  2. Thanks sweetie! We are so blessed with this big guy. This evening Raffy started prancing around playfully posturing at him from the bed and running around just out of reach. It made my heart melt.

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